Friday, May 13, 2011

Foreign Friday

Misawa, Japan

The flight-line at Misawa Air Force base was always busy, often with F-4 pilots practicing touch and go runs. It was a busy and noisy place. The end of this hanger reminded all who saw it that the noise was essential.

I can't remember the specific squadron of the planes pictured above, but each squadron had a distinctive tail design. On the back of the photos, I did write that these planes were from the USS Midway. The squadrons rotated in and out of Misawa AFB frequently.

The world has changed considerably since the late 70s. I doubt anyone other than authorized personnel would be allowed in this area to take random photos anymore; however, the sound of freedom is still heard thanks to the crews who are in the air and on the ground. I am grateful for their service.


  1. The world is a different place now. Both my dad and my late husband were security forces commanders and I can tell you the flight line security changed after the Iran Hostage Crisis in 79/80.

  2. How interesting! I do thank all those that have served... and thank YOU, Nancy, for your service too!

  3. Thanks to all who serve to keep us free.

  4. Fancy stitching said it best....things have changed.


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