Sunday, May 29, 2011


Oh yeah, it is happening. 

The white stuff may not accumulate anywhere but the grassy areas, but it really is snowing right now - huge flakes that are melting on impact.

The witch is out (probably for the day) and the kids are safe inside. 

I hope your day is warmer and drier than mine.


  1. That is unbelievable! It's 86 here right now, and it's not even noon!

  2. Oh, no SNOW! It's hot and muggy here in Massachusetts!

  3. oh my... I thought that only happened in Alberta....we had frost last night...but no snow!!

  4. oh i cannot BELIEVE it. You poor thing. I love your shawl though.
    I love the little witch weather predictor. Where did you get it?? I kind of want one..its quirky..!!!

  5. Yup. Really. In fact we has sleet here in Vegas on Sunday. It has been a really strange spring for weather.


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