Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Off the List

This project is finally back from the framing shop and on the wall. It is officially crossed off of my UFO list. It has been awhile since I had anything professionally framed, so I experienced some sticker shock. Dividing the total by the 20+ years this project has been languishing in a drawer made it easier to justify the expense.


  1. Nice choice of frame and mats. It looks beautiful!

  2. Hope your heart leaps a little everytime you look at it...not only a great accomplishment but beautiful as well.

  3. It turned out beautiful. Well worth the expense and you will enjoy it forever :)

  4. Nice job, Nancy. It really turned out great.

  5. Gorgeous! oh, no you are once again reminding me of my project that needs to be's on my to-do list....


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