Monday, April 25, 2011

Just One Star

United Notions and Moda Fabrics are collecting blocks of medium red or blue stars with cream backgrounds for the Just One Star program. The directions for the stars can be found here and a tutorial can be found here.

The collected blocks will be made into quilts for the men and women who bravely serve in the Armed Forces. They hope to collect 1,800 star blocks to make 100 quilts, but I am sure they will be able to make many more quilts since it is just as easy to make two or more blocks. Please consider making Just One Star, and don't forget to sign your blocks.

Mailing instructions are on the pattern, but note the deadline is May 1, 2011. You still have time.

Won't you please make Just One Star.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link. I will try to get at least one or two in the mail too :)

  2. Nice work! I hope the program reaches its goal.

  3. Thanks for posting - it reminded me I need to get mine in the mail today!

  4. Mine are in the mail today.
    You are right it was just as easy to make more.
    So I made 2 in red & 2 in blue while enjoying a crafty Easter Sunday after the kids went on to the other in-laws.
    Gives me a warm & fuzzy feeling to actually be able to do something good on that day.


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