Saturday, April 9, 2011

High Country Spring

Togwotee Pass
elevation 9,658 feet
April 6, 2011

My friend, Sheila (no blog) and her husband, Doug travelled to the High Country on Wednesday. With Sheila's permission, I am sharing some of their photos.

It will be awhile before all of this snow melts. The orange stick is an extension on the delineator post on the side of the road to aide motorists and snowplow operators.  

Highway Department snowplows 

clearing the roadway.

Thursday night, the weatherman predicted a storm that could potentially drop another 25 to 35 inches in this area.

Welcome to Springtime in Wyoming.


  1. Well, BRRRrrr!! I hope real spring comes soon..and there is a package in the mail for you!

  2. It is beautiful, but I'm glad spring is here and (hopefully) no more snow for us! Although there are still huge (dirty)snow mounds in some of the shopping parking lots. I'll be glad to see those go....

  3. It may be cold, but it sure is 1000% more beautiful than our dreary gray days here on lower elevations.

  4. such great photos, my feet are cold already

  5. It's a beautiful place, but I do not think I'm cut out to live in a climate like that.

  6. ugh--snow. This weekend heavy wet snowfall is predicted. Instead of an Easter bunny--I think they are sending snowshoe hares.


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