Monday, October 4, 2010

Unity Project

Spearheading the Unity Project for the International Day of Peace (September 21) was a local fiber artist - Kathi M, and she did a fabulous job of inspiring, coordinating, and planning the week-long display. What resulted was fascinating and moving.

The participants could bring their own sweater/shirt for the fence, but they had to hang it in such a way that it connected with the other items. I'll let some of the displays and the written explanations speak for themselves. To read the explanations, you may have to click on the image to enlarge.

Who knew that a shirt/sweater could convey peace in such a quiet yet overt way. It's time to reach out to others in peace. 

Several years ago, Kathi challenged the entire community to recycle old clothing in numerous ways. She collected clothing the local thrift shop could not use, rented a storage facility, and distributed the discarded items to anyone who wanted them. I picked up some jeans, men's shirts, and sheets for the rugs I twine. Church groups gathered polyster clothing for their charity quilts, and numerous others picked up clothing to make items for the Recycle show Kathi organized to showcase the articles made from the castoffs. The canopy in the photo above was fashioned by Kathi completely out of denim. You can see a small percentage of other items in the display. It was amazing to see the variety of useful objects made from the discarded clothing.

Kathi deserves a lot of recognition for encouraging the community to recycle. Bravo, Kathi, bravo!


  1. The Unity Project is a very interesting art project. The military family of sweaters really touched me. Did you hang a sweater on the fence?

  2. Well, I should not be surrpised that your friends are as amazing as you are:) This Kathi is very cool and inventive....Like wool winder the military family sweater were my favorite...I especially like how each was holding the other.


  4. What an incredible display - thanks for sharing this.


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