Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Someday" Realized

Every once in a while I go through the bulging notebooks on the bookshelf and dream. These books are where I file my "someday" projects, projects that I collect but rarely knit. I have similar files on my computer in copious folders, categorized and labeled. Someday, they may be used, someday.

Recently, one of the projects actually made it out of the notebook - an Aran knit stocking "An Aran Christmas for Him and Her,"  Knit 'N Style (December 2007)

The yarn is 100% wool which I reclaimed from a thrift shop sweater several years ago.

Even though I rarely knit cables, I enjoyed knitting this project. In fact, after finishing "His" stocking, I cast on the "Hers." The cuff is more lacy on Hers and the inside of the cables is also lacy.

 The finished stocking is large - an 8 inch long foot, and 20 inch long leg.


  1. "His" turned out great! Can't wait for "hers."

  2. Looks like Santa has to get busy and fill that huge, but gorgeous stocking :)


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