Monday, October 18, 2010

Oddball Spotlight

In a comment, Judy D asked, "How many Oddball blankets have you worked on?" I didn't have a clue, so I checked.

To date, I have worked on 70+ Oddball blankets. Here is how it breaks down.

Based only on my blog posts since 2008, I've knit on 54 blankets (listed below) in conjunction with the Oddball Knitting Groups. In 2008, I knit a 4-inch section on 25 blankets; in 2009, 15 blankets; in 2010, 14 blankets. Click on the "Oddball Knitting" tab in the right column under "Posted Topics" if you want to see photos of these blankets. I probably knit on blankets prior to my blog, but the forum posts on for 2007 have been deleted, so this cannot be confirmed.

In addition to the Oddball group blankets, the group inspired me to complete 16 blankets on my own, which were then donated to the group. They include:
Bubblegum  (2008)
Lime Sherbet  (2008)
Crayon Box  (2009)
Creamsicle and with a border  (2009)
Arctic Ice  (2009)
Chutes and Ladders  (2009)
Eagle's Flight (2009)
Little Princess  (2009)
Snowdrop  (2009)
Lily of the Valley  (2009)
Berry Parfait  (2009)
Ballpark Diamonds  (2010)
Blueberry Pie  (2010)
Snowdrift  (2010)
Snowflake  (2010)
Tranquility Base  (2010)

Oddball blankets on which I have knit

Neon Fun             Happy Crayons
Berry Bliss           Summer Blossoms
Cotton Candy       Summer Fun
Easter Basket       Just Ducky
Firetruck Lane      Rainbow Blocks
Speed Racer         Lavender's Green
Red Roses            Neon Rainbow
Pastel Rainbow     Desert Sand
Rain Forest           Grand Canyon Sunset
Tropical Plantation
Purple Mountain Majesty
Lemonade Stand    Strawberry Shortcake
Puppy Love           Pumpkin Pie
Pacific Blues
Little Blue Boy (knit two 4-inch sections)       

Flower Power        Jewel of the Nile
Kiwi Surprise        Neon Rainbow #2
Summer Sky         Chocolate Covered Cherries
Lemon Drop          Eagle's Flight
Mother Goose        Tranquility
Jelly Bean              Velveteen Rabbit
Orange Sherbet       Pattycake

Holiday Magic        Green Acres
School Days            Bubble Gum #2
Jack Frost                Nemo
Purplicious              Olympic Rings
Snow White            Betsy Ross
Banana Split            Hokey Pokey
Beach Ball               Sweet Pea

I never grow tired of working on these delightful blankets.


  1. That's a lot! It's fun to read all the names.

  2. Wow! What a list. You make me feel unproductive, LOL

  3. I still think you knit in your sleep as well as your waking hours:)

  4. WOW! I'm surprised your needles don't melt because you knit so fast! I am so S-L-O-W that melting will never be a concern for me. You have such a great heart for charity... keep up the good work!


  5. All of that and you still have time to knit gifts for family and friends. You are amazing.

  6. Oh



    That is a lot of blankets!! Kudos to you and those babies you have blessed!

  7. WOW Nancy! You are A MAZ ING!!!
    I love the names much fun!

  8. Congratulations...that is quite the accomplishment!! Lots of amazing handiwork :)


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