Friday, October 15, 2010

Foreign Friday

Visiting After School
Misawa, Japan

Japanese school children of all ages wore uniforms to school, and if I remember correctly, they attended school six days a week. Older boys wore basic navy or black suits with long pants; younger boys, shorts. The girls in the photo have sailor tops on with red scarves. While it was common to see bicycles on the street of this small town, many school children walked to school.

One of the biggest adjustments that I had to make while living in Japan was learning to drive on the left side of the road and adapting to a car with the gear shift on the left. Every time I got into the car I had to remind myself that I was supposed to be seated near the center stripe on the road. 


  1. Drivin' on the 'wrong' side would be a challenge for me to say the least.

    I sure enjoyed seein' the pics of the school children on their bikes.

    That's probably why Japan is so far ahead educationally. School six days a week and they are probably far more disciplined than here in the States.

    You have a magnificent weekend sweetie. :o)

  2. Don't think I would be successful driving on the left side of the road. Had to be real careful when we were in Australia to remember to look the other way when crossing the streets. They even had signs posted warning you.

  3. What a fun picture! Can you imagine bicycling in a skirt??

  4. I wish our children wore uniforms to school! I have a hard enough time driving on the right side of the road. ;) Love the picture.

  5. I don't think I would adjust well to driving on the left side. And, I bet I'd always forget and enter the car on the wrong side. :)


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