Monday, August 16, 2010

The Quilt from Hell

This Autumn beauty caught my eye as I wandered down the rows of quilts on display at the Dubois quilt show.

When I read the information on the quilt, I couldn't help but giggle at the quilter's comment.  Click on the photo to enlarge so you can read about the quilt. Despite its reputation, this quilt was by far my favorite.


  1. A lot of work definitely went into this one. Very pretty.

  2. Lots of work using 2.5" squares, but it is SOOO beautiful! I think it would be well worth the hassle for such a lovely quilt.


  3. I've seen that pattern and have shied away from it, because of the organization that would be involved. I'm glad I was right in my hunch.

  4. Beautiful fall quilt...It has been awhile since I have checked the Blogs, Hope that you are doing well Nancy. Take care..Hugs :)

  5. very pretty! I have seen the pattern for this also, but didn't have the gumption to try it. Sounds like the description might fit it!

  6. Lovely..bright and that is lots of pieces:)


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