Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have You Ever. . .

Given flowers to a man? 

Over the years I have purchased flowers for two men. 

The first bouquet was a "Thank You" for setting up a private tour of the Denver Mint. Several years ago, senior classes were allowed to go on school sponsored class trips. Since I was a class sponsor, I was included in the trip's planning. It was suggested that we tour the Mint. At the time, my sister and brother-in-law had a friend who worked there. He graciously arranged for our special tour. I don't think the students realized just how special they were to actually be on the minting floor and see the machines up close and personal. I think the bouquet came as quite a surprise to the gentleman who went out of his way for a group of strangers.

The second occasion was Monday when I gave a vase with three roses to one of the hospital employees who is always friendly and helpful. He and his wife just celebrated the birth of their second child. He was surprised and touched. 

I don't know a woman who does not enjoy receiving flowers, and I can confirm that men enjoy them, too. Do you know a gentleman who could use a little joy in his life? Take him a bouquet of flowers from your garden or from the grocery store. His smile will make your day.


  1. I never think of giving flowers to a man. Good idea.

  2. well... nancy... as you can see, i'm just catching up on all your interesting posts! and, yes, i have sent flowers to a man... once to thank a friend/business owner for helping me with a huge project and another time for a male gardener friend's birthday. both times i remember they were touched... and seemed surprised to receive the flowers.

    thanks for your post.


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