Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kitchen Sink Socks

These socks for afghans for Afghans youth campaign will contain everything but the kitchen sink!
I realize they are not the most attractive socks (I used oddballs of scrap sock yarn), but they will keep a child's feet warm.


  1. I like them and some child will too.

  2. I'm down to little itty bitty balls of yarn and am combining them into mittens. I think I am on my last pair.

  3. I cannot believe how fast you knit! It take me forever to knit one sock and it seems like you sit down and all of the sudden you have a pair. :) And they are very cute socks and will make someone very happy. You are amazing!

  4. you've inspired me to put all my sock yarn leftovers to good use. thanks!

  5. What wonderful socks, gorgeous as usual Nancy!


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