Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heart Warming

Last week the snow in the front yard was retreating and bits of green grass could be seen near the house, but a weekend storm coated the yard yet again. Winter is not ready to relax its grip.

My Valentine flag is the only hint of color in the neighborhood and seeing it makes me smile. Note the icicles in the corner of the house and garage, an area that doesn't get much sun in the winter. The gutter is filled and frozen, so the only place for snow melting on the roof is down - gravity at work. One of my chores is keeping the ice floe from becoming dangerous, so I frequently sprinkle de-icer and keep the caution sign nearby to warn visitors. Hopefully, it will not be necessary much longer.


  1. We're expecting a little more winter today, too. Snow is our or forecast! No accumulation is expected, but snow, any amount, is a big deal around here.

  2. I love yoru cheerful heart! It is snowing here...now...not much though. Gone by noon, I hope!

  3. Winter is not giving up in Louisiana, either, Nancy. We are expecting another snowfall today with perhaps a couple of inches accumulation... rare indeed here, but VERY rare that we have 2 decent snows in 1 winter!!

    Hope your wrist is feeling better... great weather for sitting and knitting! I am almost through with my 2nd pair of socks. It will be nice to have "options" when I go to my sock drawer now.

    Stay warm!


  4. I had an icicle that was 8 1/2 ft. in length. It hung from the top of my front porch to past the porch floor. The sun came out on Friday and it fell off and broke.
    We're suppose to have more snow this week, but I was hoping that it would stop and consider getting warm. After all, it's almost March!!


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