Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily Options

Marilyn requested a hat for one of her friends who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will be starting chemotherapy soon. I listed the color choices in my yarn bin, and she selected Simply Soft, Country Blue. As I was knitting the hat, I thought it looked too masculine, so I added white stripes to soften it a bit.

Then just for fun, I knit a hot pink (Watermelon, Simply Soft) and a lime green (Limelight, Simply Soft). Marilyn's friend can wear whatever hat matches her feelings for the day - serious or fun.


  1. So cool..I like them both..I am sure the friend will love the colors :))

    Take care...Hugs :))

  2. How nice of you, she will really appreciate the hat and think fondly of you.

  3. Fun is so very important to those who are healing. Hooray for your watermelon creativity!

  4. What a wonderful thing to do Nancy! I crocheted one for my sister in law when she lost her hair..I still have the soft red yarn..I should do another:)


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