Friday, August 8, 2008

Showing Off

Yesterday a friend and I drove to Dubois for a Quilt Show, unfortunately, we were a day early. Without fail, I attend this show every year and look forward to driving the 64 miles to the "High Country." This year I relied on a local quilt shop newsletter that listed the show dates on its event calendar. Yesterday was set-up day for the show.

The ladies at the door were accepting the display quilts and moving quilts and items around in preparation for the Friday opening. Graciously, they allow us to have a "private showing" as they worked and rearranged the quilts. I was thankful that our outing was not spoiled.

As usual, the number of quilts on display was impressive for such a small town (population 962) and the guild does a wonderful job displaying the quilts.

A few caught my eye and attention more than others. The photo above is this year's raffle quilt. The guild makes a quilt every year and sells chances and gives the proceeds to a local charity: day care centers, fire department, senior center, Meals on Wheels, etc. This year's charity was a local day care center. One of the ladies setting up the show told me since they began sponsoring a charity raffle quilt, they have raised over $33,000 for their community. What a wonderful gift these quilters are giving to their community.

I call this quilt Multiple Borders because features seven borders that draw the eye toward the center. (Please note that the quilt is too long for the display area, so it is actually not shown in its entirety)

See how the fabrics coordinate and work so well together.

The center also packs a punch. It was a lovely quilt.

More quilt photos to be posted later.

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  1. I'm glad your trip wasn't a bust. The quilts are beautiful!


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