Saturday, August 9, 2008

Show Stoppers

More quilt photos from the Dubois show.

This quilt reminds me of a wedding cake. It was so delicate and yet filled with intricate detail.

The amount of quilting is breath-taking.

This small quilt, probably a crib-size appeared to be a printed panel, but when inspected closer, the detail reveals that it was appliqued and even embellished with embroidery and buttons, making a fun and lively quilt.

The label and fat quarter pinned at the bottom revealed this quilt had been entered in the Fremont County Fair last week. i did not see it there: it must have been one of those displayed high off of the ground and overlooked by spectators. A real shame because this one is a stunner.


  1. The detailed quilting in the first quilt is amazing! Is it done by machine or hand?

  2. It was done on a long arm by Floye Weekly of Backdoor Quilter in Lander - isn't she amazing!


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