Friday, August 8, 2008

Organized Scraps

This morning, I achieved one of my goals for the month: my scrap fabric piles have been tamed. It always amazes me how much less space the scraps take to store when they are cut and organized. I used Bonnie Hunter's techniques for taming my scrap fabric.

Bonnie has tutorials for using even the smallest scraps to make Crumb Quilts and String Quilts. I don't know what kind of a quilt I will make from my scraps, but at least the fabric is cut and organized and is ready when I get inspired.

Cutting fabric accurately takes me a lot of time, and I despise it; thus, I delay it as long as I can. Now that I my scraps have been tamed and are housed in one drawer, I think I can stay motivated to cut any future scraps as soon as I finish a project. I do not plan of saving the tiniest bits of fabric that do not fit into the standard sizes categories because I know that I will never use them. My goal was to organize my work space and to keep useful fabric.

This chore can finally be checked off of my "To Do" list.


  1. I love the feeling of achieving organization. Unfortunately, I don't experience it very often. ;-)

  2. I enjoy being organized. I just don't like getting there.


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