Friday, June 27, 2008

Scrappy Spools

Every quilter has piles of scraps; however, I tend to have more than most. Fabric for the challenge quilts my sisters and I make after our quilt trips must be purchased on the trip. (It is our own crazy requirement.) I always seem to purchase too much fabric. I rationalize this way: since I am a reluctant quilter, I am afraid that by the time I work on the quilt that the fabric I selected will no longer be available. I can usually make two quilts from the fabric that I purchase.

Scrap quilts have always appealed to me, and nearly all of my quilts are scrappy. They reinforce the concept making something from nothing and of "making do."

Scraps from Duluth Stars were used to make Scrappy Spools, although, I do admit to "borrowing" some fabric from Marilyn's stash to make this a larger quilt.

The quilt measures 74 X 99 inches and was machine-quilted by Candy Carpenter, The Comfort Zone, in Riverton, WY.

I found the idea for this quilt here.


  1. For someone who is a reluctant quilter, you sure are good at it!

  2. Yes, I am truly a reluctant quilter. I need a lot of nudging and motivation. This quilt was finished only because my sister (Marilyn) helped me by cutting all the pieces. I had the easy part: sewing them together. I think it is the math involved that makes me drag my feet so much.


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