Thursday, June 26, 2008

Duluth Stars Completed

Duluth Stars was started in June 2005 and finished in June 2008, which is not bad for a reluctant quilter. My two sisters (Marilyn and Evelyn) love to quilt, but I only dabble in the craft; however, I like to accompany my sisters on trips to quilt shows.

In 2005, we took a road trip to Duluth, MN to attend the Stars in the Harbor show. On the way to Duluth, we decided to make a challenge quilt and picked the Wyoming Valley block. We determined that each of our quilts had to use this block as well as a variation of the block. The Wyoming Valley block is the large block on the bottom, and the variation, using brown fabrics is in the top left.

All of the quilts I have made are more conventional with rows of blocks all the same size, so I decided to shake things up by using a variety of block sizes and patterns. The blocks were easy to make, but sewing them together to form a quilt was more difficult than I anticipated. Marilyn offered to help me piece the quilt top together, and it was a challenge. It was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

Candy Carpenter from Comfort Zone, Riverton, WY  did the machine quilting for me, and I am very pleased with her work. The quilt measures 68 X 84 inches.

I used a Moda fabric on the back that resembles pillow ticking, and it complements the top nicely.

These photos were taken at Marilyn's house this past week. You can see some of her work displayed on the wall at the top of the stairs. She has made some really awesome quilts.

I doubt that I would have finished this quilt without the help of my sister who did all the math calculations. Thanks, Marilyn


  1. The quilt is gorgeous! I used to think I'd like to learn to quilt, but finally decided I have too many crafts in my life, so I'll just enjoy looking at the fine work of others who quilt. :-)

    Hubby and I visited Duluth last fall, and I met my first online friend.

  2. You should be proud of this one. It's beautiful! I could look at it for hours and never get tired of it.


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