Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Pillow Talk

Even though summer is officially over a month away, I have always equated June with the beginning of summer. For 33 years, June signified the end of school and two and a half months of freedom from grading essays, planning lessons, and dealing with teenage attitudes.

Last weekend, I bought a watermelon because it sounded so good, and I was bitterly disappointed because it had no taste at all. I guess even watermelons know that it is not yet summer.

I have several knitting projects planned for June. The Oddball Knitting group has decided to take some time off this summer, so we are not starting any new blankets. The ones rotating now will be the last until August. I still have two blankets scheduled to arrive in June: Pastel Rainbow and Neon Rainbow. I am trying to destash, so I am also working on another Oddball Baby Blanket on my own, using some Caron Dazzleaire in Baby Yellow/Green. I currently have about two inches done.

I am trying to bring some organization to my life and to my guest bedroom. I have so many projects going that I simply cannot move, let alone work, in there. I boxed up six pounds of vintage, baby yarn that had been given to me two summers ago and sent it to a lady in Pennsylvania who is going to use it to make burial gowns and other items for charity. The removal of this yarn hasn't made much of a difference, so I need to see what other changes need to be made.

A major goal for June is to finish the socks that I started over two months ago. The yarn (Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock "Mineshaft") is a bit drab (my choice for everyday socks), but it just does nothing to motivate me to finish the socks. I am determined that the socks will be completed by the end of June. I am on the gusset of the first sock, so I hope to report more progress by the end of the week.

I love to listen to audio books while I knit. Last week, I picked up Blue Heaven by C.J. Box. I will spend this afternoon immersed in this book while knitting on the Mineshaft sock.

The coordinators for the Yahoo group, All Crafts for Charity, have approved my proposal for baby hats and blankets. The group will sponsor a two-week drive for the hats and blankets for my local hospital. I am hoping that the group will be able to provide enough items to supply the nursery for the remainder of the year. The local ladies who were helping me have moved or lost interest; however, I cannot not see dropping the program because it fills such a need in our community, so I have been plodding along on my own. Some of the sparkle has gone out of my enthusiasm, so I am hoping the AC4C group can help build a stash of items so I can catch my breath a bit.

June is my portal for change - a change is seasons, a change in attitude, and a change in direction.


  1. Nancy, I admire your drive to continually strive to use your talent and your time for charity.

    I also want to thank you for your mention of a watermelon. I bought one Friday night and stuck it in the extra fridge in our garage. All day, I've been craving 'something', though I didn't know what. When I read your post, it reminded me of my watermelon. I just cut into it, and trust me, this melon knew it was summer! ;-) I wish I could share a big piece of it with you.

  2. Nothing is better than a good melon to curb a sweet tooth. Perhaps, the melon that I purchased had been picked too soon and did not have adequate time to ripen before journeying to Wyoming.


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