Thursday, June 5, 2008

Comfort from Home

Perhaps your grandmother did some knitting for the Red Cross. Perhaps, your great-aunt knit for the troops while she worried about the safety of her nephew or even a beau. Now you, too, can help bring a lonely young man or woman some "comfort from home." This is a challenge for all those who read this blog. Will you please consider making at least one pair of these slipper sox for the troops?

The pattern, a simple sock with a short cuff, can be found here. If that pattern does not appeal to you, then one of these might. Please note that you can knit, crochet, or sew the slippers. The coordinators have complied a list of approved yarn and fabric colors as well, and you will also find size requirements on the same page if you scroll down. (Note: the red bows are scrap yarn tying the two slipper sox together; they are not decoration.)

Want to see the impact these items have on the troops? Read these letters and look at these photos.

This month, the Ships Project is sending this shipment. Please consider making something even though you may not make this deadline because the packages are sent each month. Just don't have time to make anything but still want to help? Donations for postage are always welcome: see the Ships Project home page for information.

Please consider spending some crafting time this weekend to provide a little comfort from home to the troops who are representing our country around the world on land and at sea. Isn't their sacrifice worth your time?

Update June 8, 2008
Tonight, I grafted the toe on the third pair of slipper sox. Hopefully, I will be able to make some more before the end of June.


  1. Great post, Nancy, and very informative. I'm taking up the challenge to knit something for our troops!

  2. Well said Nancy. Im on my second pair - really quick nd easy to make!
    Julie UK

  3. This is a wonderful effort! I will consider it, though right now my focus is on preemies and their families.


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