Monday, June 13, 2011

In the Public Eye

Grab your project bag, find a seat in a public place (park, office building, hotel lobby, bus stop, airport, train station) and put those needles (crocheters, too) in motion at least one day this week.

A partial list of planned events can be found on Knitty.


  1. No plans to knit in public this week, but I might manage a few stitches at home.

  2. Never heard of this...checked Arizona and none close to me:(

  3. Interesting! It's amazing what I learn blogging!!

  4. Knitting in public in sultry Louisiana really catches the attention of others. I often take my sock knitting to meetings and things, or if waiting for an appointment. Lots of folks ask what I am doing. I guess in this very warm and humid climate very few folks choose to wrap wool yarn around their fingers and then hold it in their hands for hours at a time... imagine that!


  5. Not a knitter-but I often like to sit and sip coffee and watch people in a mall. Study their clothes and their shoes. Different hairstyles and makeup.

  6. I love knitting in public, BUT you have to be ready for all the questions :)


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