Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I Do". . . Again

My nephew and his wife renewed their wedding vows on a Hawaiian beach for their 25th wedding anniversary. Maria grew up on the North Shore of Oahu, and her childhood friends organized the event. She left the island nearly 28 years ago, but she maintained contact with some of these friends. The vow renewal provided an opportunity for a reunion.

The food served after the ceremony was tasty and plentiful. Sorry, I don't remember the names of these dishes, but from top left they included, raw fish in a sauce, a salmon/tomato salad, pork wrapped in some kind of leaf, steamed rice, pulled pork, and clear noodles with chicken. Hawaiian appetizers started the meal, and several desserts (red velvet cake, coconut pudding, cheese cake) completed the feast.

The ceremony, visiting, and meal were great ways to begin the week in Hawaii.


  1. How wonderful that you were able to attend the ceremony in Hawaii! I've never been to Hawaii, even though John's brother lives there. One day I hope to see the islands and the beautiful beaches and smell the sweet air.

  2. Very sweet and in such a beautiful place :) Lucky you that you could go and be there for them. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii...maybe some day :)

  3. Oh my gosh!!! Lucky you!!!

  4. Hawaii! Wonderful! I am jealous..warm sun is good for old bones:)


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