Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dual Knitting

All of the blog chatter about sock knitting has motivated me to get busy and make some socks for myself. The KAL was designed to knit a pair of socks on one set of circular needles; however, I prefer to knit each sock on its own needles. For me is is just easier to handle the socks/yarn separately.

These are basic ribbed-cuff socks (I like the fit) and knit of size two needles out of Opal and Step Austermann yarns that I've had for several years. Both yarns are superwash wool, but the Step yarn contains aloe which makes the yarn even softer.


  1. Both yarns are knitting up beautifully.

  2. I like to knit each sock separately also. I have a tendency to make sloppy stitches in the gusset on the decreases when those same decreases are at the end of the needles; happens on dpns and the 2@ a time. This method puts those decreases in the center and the stitches stay tight. I like the way Opal works up but find it a bit rougher than other wools.

  3. I am so happy to know you do nice things just for you...sometimes we forget to do that and these are wonderful!

  4. How cool...you are just the best knitter anywhere!!!

  5. Lovely! I'm with you...I rather just concentrate on one sock at a time :) happy knitting :)

  6. Those look awesome. Whatever method works, right? I saw your more recent post on Google Reader about knitting on the beach (lucky you!), but couldn't get to it here... so I'm stepping back to this post.


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