Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rewinding to Winter

I would have stayed in bed this morning, but I had an appointment in Lander. I left 30 minutes early because I knew the storm was going to hit Lander first: the weatherman last night predicted  8 - 10 inches in the foothills.

Driving was a bit dicey - it is amazing how quickly one forgets how to drive in this stuff! I fought 2 - 3 inches of slush all the way home. Yuck!

Can you see these leaves shivering under this blanket of white? I pity the poor fools who have turned on their sprinkling systems and set out plants in their gardens. (The last frost is typically May 15th, but it is not uncommon to have snow even in June.)

The snow, although inconvenient, is packed with glorious moisture, so my grumbles aren't too loud. I just don't like the rewind to Winter driving.


  1. LOL Nancy - YOU are my weather forcaster! We knew it was coming. Yuk, but how delicious to have the moisture!

  2. Bless you, and THAT my friend, is why I am glad I am planted in the South!! Yes, it is 90 degrees and about 80% humidity today, but I won't have any trouble driving in it.

    This will be a good time for you to pick up the knitting again... down here the wool thread is sticking to my fingers, which makes sock progress rather slow.


  3. My goodness! Snow should be outlawed after, oh, May 1st!! It does look pretty, but not when the calendar says it's springtime!!

  4. It is good that you can drive in this mess! The snow is beautiful though. I agree with Fancystitching-it is hot and humid, but you can drive in it. Unfortunately, the a/c is out in the van!

  5. Are ya kidding? It was in the 80s here today. I was told even in Boston, after Mothers Day, you are safe from the snow...LOL

    Wow..this looks like a big April Fools joke but it is May!!

    Hope all is well with you...stay warm and be safe.
    Hugs :))

  6. My goodness! Beautiful, but I don't like to drive in it either.It was so hot in Texas today - I will take cold over hot any day!

  7. I know that it has been a long hard winter and was hoping you would have a wonderful, extrodinary spring:( Like you said the moisture will be good so maybe this summer will be the best yet.

  8. wow, whats going on with the weather..
    stay warm and cozy..

  9. Okay, I'm gonna whine about having the heat on, and pretty soon we will whine about having the air on! Summer--where ARE you??!

  10. YUK! That's amazing! Hopefully you won't have snow in June like last year.

  11. Brrrrr! Hope it is all melted off by now...although my husband and I drove through your wonderful state one time in late August...and got snowed on!

  12. Remind me to only visit Wyoming in the summer. :)


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