Monday, May 24, 2010

The Big Picture

I can't believe that Marilyn already finished the cross-stitch portrait of her grand-daughter. Isn't it awesome? She started it June 2009 and finished it May 2010: it would have taken me decades.

I visited Marilyn last week in Denver, so I got to hear her say, "Ta-Da!"


  1. Gorgeous! I also can't believe she finished it already.

  2. That is a great cross-stitch. And, her grand-daughter is darling. What a labor of love. I have a box of yarn ready for you. I'm going to leave it open for the rest of the week in case I find more I can stuff in to it. When I moved up here I had 2 boxes of yarn. When I leave I'll have 3 boxes. (Well, 2 and a half as half the box is filled with a sweater I am in the middle of making, or in reality, not making. I'm sure it won't fit anymore.) Hope the spring has settled in up there. No more snow!

  3. Oh my, tell her that's is IMPRESSIVE!!!

  4. Oh my gosh......that is amazing!! I hope she will always cherish it and remember all those hours it took....

  5. This cross stitch is amazing..what a gift to be treasured!! So nice that you were there for the Ta Da part! :)


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