Thursday, May 6, 2010

Enabling My Obsession

I've met some extremely generous individuals online, and this gorgeous pile of yarn is proof positve.

Rena G. from Virginia and I have been corresponding for at least a couple of years, and since she no longer knits or crochets, she is gradually purging her yarn stash. Rena sent me a box of yarn after we first met, and from that yarn, I made several baby and infant hats. You can see them herehere, and here.

This week, the luscious pile of yarn in the photo arrived on my doorstep. Since so many of the balls of yarn are in coordinating colors, I think they will make a colorful Baby Surprise Jacket. The full skeins will make lovely blankets.

Thank you Rena for enabling my knitting obsession.


  1. how absolutely wonderful and generous of her.

  2. isn't it nice to have friends like her?

  3. She knows you'll put it to good use! I see enough yarn for several BSJs. You'll have fun combining colors for different looks.


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