Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sounding Retreat?

We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction.
Douglas MacArthur

Could it really be true that Winter is sounding retreat? 

From all appearances, it could actually be happening. Last week, the area around this tree was covered with 12 inches of snow, and warm temperatures this week have caused the snow-line to recede.

No complaints here. Yesterday, I turned down the heat in two rooms, opened the front door (not the storm door as it is not that warm, yet), let in some sunshine, shook out and laundered the rugs, and mopped the floor. Outside, the birds are singing in the trees.

Oh, yes, I think Winter is on the run!


  1. That's good news! We're still cooler than normal for this time of year, but it's definitely feeling more like spring.

  2. Thank heavens! Spring is beginning to peek out around the edges here too. This winter has felt eternal.

  3. Wow,Nancy..we are at 55 today and sunny..I am excited.
    I hope the snow is done..long winters are rough, I am sure. I love opening the windows and doors, we still have the heat on at night.
    Spring is just around the corner..
    Hugs :))

  4. Isn't that nice?? That is what my yard is starting to look like. Pretty exciting. I stand in the doorway when I let Brodie out and yesterday morning I was on the stoop in my stocking feet, wonderful am sunshine.


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