Monday, March 8, 2010


My section of Purplicious, an Oddball Baby Blanket, was knit with Simply Soft (Lavender Blue) in Seed Stitch. The purples did not photograph in their true colors, simply because of the concentration of blue or red in the yarn, but trust me, they are all purple.

Purple is not one of my favorite colors; however, it was a dominant color for the school where I taught for 25 years, and I grew tired of seeing it everywhere. The building was literally covered with all shades of purple. The bulletin boards above the hall lockers were purple, the carpeting throughout the building was mauve, the bleachers in the gymnasium were royal purple, hallways and common rooms had bold purple stripes, etc. Staff were encouraged to wear purple on "game days" to help boost school spirit. I had a lot of purple in my closet in those days - shirts, coats, hats, etc., purchased from the Booster Club.

Have you grown tired of a color from over-exposure?


  1. No but can see how you would in your the little blanket.

  2. I like all the purples in the blanket. It's a color I like.

  3. I'm not a big fan of purple, either. However, I've learned that is a huge hit with so many people that I tend to make a lot of purple jewelry. Red is more my color, and I never get tired of it! I love the purple blanket, though! It looks pretty!

  4. I grew up in the era of gold appliances, gold carpet and gold upholstery.

    No gold for me.

  5. I love all the Oddball Baby Blankets.

    DD2 loved purple and wanted a purple VW bug for her 1st car. :) She didn't get one. I really can't think of a color I'm tired of.

  6. Yes! I have grown tired of a color due to over exposure. Green. I am a (greying) red head with green eyes. Always liked the color green, although my favorite color is purple. Then I joined the Army in 1976 (Women's Army Corps). When Mom asked what color I wanted the bathrobe she was going to send me, I said any color BUT Green. LOL. Even though purple is my favorite color, I seem to have a lot of teal, aqua and turquoise in my closet. Maybe turquoise is really my favorite color. LOL

  7. Green. Most definitely. Unless I'm teaching at my children's high school after they graduate (which I hope I am), I probably will not wear the color again. Thank goodness my daughter will be attending a college that has blue as one of its colors!!

  8. thats so pretty, love the colors..never get tired of color..


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