Friday, September 4, 2009

Ordinary Objects. . .

can do double duty.

I've been searching for something to keep yarn from rolling around, and when I found this paper towel holder at a charity sale, I knew my search had ended.

It works for yarn skeins and yarn wound into cakes. The best part: it was only a quarter.

Do you use ordinary objects while crafting?


  1. Good idea.

    I use a toothbrush case to hold double pointed needles. And when I travel by plane, I use the cutter on a dental floss pack to cut my yarn instead of scissors.

  2. Thanks for the idea! I too, have been looking for something to hold the yarn. Hope I can find something at a good price, like you did!

  3. Wool Winder you are too clever and
    Nancy this is great...however, I seem to have more troube with the skien being all balled up inside than it rolling around.

  4. That is such a GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. great idea..
    have a lovely and safe weekend..
    i will be close to the ac, its so hot here..Hopefully working on the pink shawl, if its not to hot..
    take care,

  6. I use Altoid Cases for Pins, and small items I don't want to get lost in transport.

  7. Hello Nancy,
    What a great idea, thanks for share, now i know what is the object sometimes i'm looking for.

  8. Hi Nancy... Getting caught up on blogs and, as usual, amazed at your output! You are one busy woman! And so clever to get your gift projects done now... I'm working on Christmas stockings (and will likely be putting the finishing touches on ... hmmm... Christmas eve?).

    I don't knit, but I did find a neat use for a similar paper towel holder. I've collected vintage cookie cutters forever... and stacked a bunch on several paper towel holders... I like keeping them out for all to see.


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