Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mississippi Mud

Mississippi Mud -- finished last night.

These men's size 11 socks were knit with Opal sock yarn (Mississippi #2082) on size 2 needles.


  1. I love these socks! I'm having trouble sticking with my knitting gifts right now. I think I might have started to early (Jan) and now I'm bored with them. I'm such a SLOW knitter, I figured I'd better start early. Never dreamed I'd get bored with them.

  2. You do these up soooooo fast!! Clearly you have knitted socks for a long time...nice, really nice.

  3. Your socks look wonderful, inviting and warm! Sure wish I could learn to knit....

  4. I like the contrasting heels and toes.

  5. Great men's socks colors. Lovely just wonderful


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