Thursday, June 25, 2009

Role Model

Even though one of my oldest unfinished projects (UFO) was 23 years old, it is not the oldest UFO in my house.

I have several linens my mother started and never finished. I suppose these two pieces are from the 1930's or 1940's. The one on the left is for a pillow and just needed to be seamed and stuffed. The piece on the right is for a child's bib, probably intended for one of my brothers.

Only the birds and a few flowers have been embroidered on this dresser scarf. It is probably from the late 1950s or early 1960s My mother loved to embroider. I have numerous completed pillow cases and scarves that I still use. When I see them, I remember so many of the good times that we shared.

This vanity set is nearly complete. The floss-color suggestions are printed right on the fabric. Mom did not crochet, yet many of her finished items have crocheted edging, probably done by a neighbor or friend.

When I look at these incomplete projects, I am filled with sadness that the neglected objects will never be finished. I wonder if these pieces will be discarded once I am no longer their guardian, discarded by someone who did not know the woman who began them so long ago. She was my mother and my role model.

Do you have any needlework or handwork from your mother or grandmother?


  1. Yes indeed and although I don't use a lot of them I treasure them just the same. One of these days I will post a picture of something my Grandmother made that I had mounted and framed. I only have one or two things that are unfinshed from my Mom and just don't have the heart to finish it. I even have a special embrodierd piece made from my Grandmother from Sweden when she was only 16 years. It is very different.

  2. My grandmother made several quilts for me. Two of them are being used right now.

  3. I have embroidered pillowcases from my grandmother. I also still have a few of the aprons she made and a quilt that her grandmother made. I cherish them. As I get older, I've decided to past them to my daughter to make sure it stays in the family. I also have some delicate doillies that my mother-in-law made. Those too shall be passed to my daughter.

  4. there are a few of my mothers which, thankfully, still live with her. I've thought about the day they'll be mine and I'll have to look at them thinking the same thoughts. Mom and I were looking through them not too long ago. She was sad that her hands cannot finish them now.

  5. I loved looking at these sweet pieces. I have a quilt my mother made and some afghans she crocheted. Mama died 6 years ago and would be 100 this September 2. I miss her greatly.
    Blessings, Sarita

  6. Yes I have some things from my Grandmother's hands. She crocheted constantly. At one time making 8 dresses for all her grandaughters. I sure wish I had at least one of them. I do have several pieces that she made. My Mother hated them and threw most of them out when Gramma died. What a treasure they are to me. I also have a lovely old tablecloth that my German M-i-law made, embroidered with the most exquisite French knots!
    While I do mostly quilting now I am longing to make something with embroidery or cross stitch. I found a kit for a small quilt in my junk drawer the other day and I think I will begin working on that in the cool evenings!

  7. Sadly my mother and grandmothers did not do sewing or crafts of any kind. I had an aunt who did some basic knitting.I am jealous of your treasures!


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