Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bottom of the Bag

I am ashamed to admit that this project has been in my knitting bag since January/February when I was on a mission to eliminate my scrap balls of sock yarn. For months, this pair of socks has taunted me every time I opened my knitting bag. I just could not force myself to pick up the needles and finish the socks.

Why? Who knows, I think I ran out of motivation for the project or simply had knit too many socks. Whatever the reason, this pair was first in the queue this week when the skies were dark and gloomy and when the clouds dropped buckets of rain.

Yesterday, the sun came out, and I am glad to report that the socks are finished. I have three projects presently on the needles: Lily of the Valley, cropped cardigan, and a T-shirt rug.

What project have you been ignoring?


  1. The socks are beautiful...I hope one day to be brave enough to try to make a pair.....

  2. I too have a pair of socks that need finishing. I knit one last July while my mother was having her hip fixed. I cannot bring myself to pick up this project and finish the other sock.

  3. Those are super cute! Doesn't it feel so good to be DONE!

  4. I have a prayer shawl that I've been avoiding. A friend gifted the yarn to me, but it's worsted, and the pattern is written for DK. Despite that, I cast on and tried to make it work. I finally set it down to work on a pair of socks. And then I worked on another pair of socks, but still, that bag of yarn is taunting me.

    I finally went on Ravelry and hunted for another pattern, and I found one! Although my friend gifted the yarn with the other pattern in mind, I think she'll be glad just to have me knit something with it!

  5. What projects have I been ignoring? ALL OF THEM!!

  6. I've been ignoring a baby blanket I started a month ago with a yarn I'm not crazy about, and the second of two seed stitch placemats.


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