Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Enough to Vote

It usually doesn't take me 23 years to finish projects; however, this cat is definitely the exception. The actual crewel embroidery was finished in 1986. The kit was for a form-shaped pillow, but I did not like it that much. So, the cat has been sleeping in my cedar chest all that time.

I purchased the materials necessary to frame the cat when I was in Denver.
Yesterday, I decided it was time to finish this project that is well aged and Old Enough to Vote.

What is the age of your oldest unfinished project?


  1. The cat looks great in the frame. I have a couple of projects aging in the closet--a cross-stitch project and a quilting project that are both about six years old. I've come to realize they will never be finished. And as soon as I get the energy to clean out the closet they are getting tossed.

  2. HI Nancy...
    Looks great after all these years...LOL
    Hope you are doing well...Sorry I have ben behind on my Blogs lately...LOL

    Take care...
    HUGS :)

  3. Oh boy....several. Mostly cross stitch kits that sort of went awry and one crocheted afgan. The picture turned out great! Love the colors.

  4. Most likely a quilt I started to emboider the squares for before my son was born. I finished two, so far. He just turned 31. The other thing is an embroidery of "Now I lay me down to sleep". The whole prayer with pictures. My mother, who is 84 worked on it as a young woman and I worked on it as a preteen. It's so faded, I can't see the lines, but I can't just throw it away.

  5. P.S. I really like the colors in the cat picture.


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