Monday, April 14, 2008

Reaching Out

The focus of my knitting has been on babies. I completed 25 hats for the local hospital nursery, laundered them, and have the packet ready to deliver.

Some of these hats were made from the yarn that mysteriously appeared by my door recently. It is amazing just how little yarn it takes to make one of these little hats.

I belong to an online knitting group and when I posted about my project, the leader (Pat) promised to make two, newborn hats, and she challenged the other members to join her. I am touched by their interest and participation.

"Berry Bliss" arrived in my mailbox from Virginia. I added the pale mauve section and have prepared the blanket for its trip back to the east coast. This time it will go to New York. These Oddball blankets travel thousands of miles before they are finished and delivered to hospitals in Missouri or North Carolina.

I am pleased that I can touch so many young lives with my knitting skills. The knitters that I have met through these projects are talented, loving people. I have been richly blessed in more ways than I can count.


  1. The hats are precious, Nancy. You've inspired me to get off my duff and make a call to our local hospital to see if they have a need for such. It's something I've thought of doing for some time, but have procrastinated.

    I'm not a great, or very experienced knitter, but I do love making baby hats! :-)

  2. Nancy,
    I am just so proud of your charity work and I wanted to help you out with the baby hats. Keep count of how many and who sends you hats ok?
    Now I'm off to make the second one for you.
    Hugs Patt


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