Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oddball Knitting Rush #1

"Summer Fun" is the first of four Oddball Baby Blankets that I will receive this week. I haven't worked on so many in such a short time-frame before, but it is still manageable, as I can usually get my required section finished in an evening of knitting.

For Summer Fun, I chose a Red Heart yarn, color Pinata. I thought this multi-colored yarn, coordinated with the other colors. I used the Grill Stitch, but the variegated yarn tends to disguise and distort the stitch.

Many different knitting stitches can be found here.

One blanket down and three more to complete: Firetruck Lane, Easter Basket, and Just Ducky will soon be appearing in my mail box. I am ready for the Oddball Knitting Rush.

Update: Summer Fun was finished in July 2008


  1. The Pinata yarn looks great with those other colors, Nancy. :-)

  2. The first of four? That should keep you busy. Looks great!

    Thanks for the link to the stitch patterns. It's the most comprehensive list I've seen on the Internet.


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