Monday, December 3, 2007


I've felt the subtle and sometimes not so subtle tremors since mid-October when I left home. They started so slowly that they didn't even register on my warning system - the scale. Have a little piece of cake, take some licorice (it's fat free, but unfortunately not calorie free.

Then I progressed to splurging on entire meals.

"What do you say we go to Panda Express for some fast Chinese food?" Duh, as if that was a hard decision to make.

"Want a pizza tonight?" A lovely bread crust with gobs of melted cheese? Let me think on that as I lick my fingers.

Slowly my clothes became tighter, but I still didn't stop my destructive behavior. I gave in to all of those tempting treats for a month, and boy did the scale show the effect. I gained pounds and even some inches.

Did I stop this behavior when I got home? Shamefully, I must say, "No." I am taking steps to get myself back on track, but it is so difficult. I am exercising every day in two short sessions - in home waling or cycling on a recumbent bike. I refuse to turn on the computer until I have done at least one set because I will get distracted and then "forget" to exercise.

Hopefully, these steps will stop the tremors from turning into a devastating quake.

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