Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sweaters for Baby Pack Project

I finished two more sweaters for the Baby Pack Project, bringing the total of finished sweaters up to six. I hope to get some socks made to match these sweaters. Since they are going to South Africa, I doubt that I will make hats to match.

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  1. Hi Nancy--while I haven't had the time to knit much recently, I do follow the charity blog because eventually I hope to contribute to some of those organizations. I saw in a post on that blog recently about how you take old sweaters and recycle the wool. I've been wanting to do this but didn't know how to handle the yarn after it was unraveled. Running through your posts, I saw the answer! It's so great that you do this as a recycling project...and then go on to use the yarn and knit for charity. Anyway, just stopped by to say hi and I enjoyed reading your musings! I'll be back!

    BTW--my husband spent a decade in Wyoming...cold and windy! :)


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