Friday, August 5, 2011

Foreign Friday

Walking in the Rain
Nagasaki, Japan
April 1980

I didn't even own an umbrella before I moved to Japan. I left two years later with more than five of them.

Japan has four distinct seasons, and nearly every one of them involves rain. I lived in northern Japan where the rain turned to snow from late November to March; however, during the typhoon season, rain fell in sheets, driven by brisk winds. I remember distinctly when Typhoon Tip came ashore in October 1979: the driving winds and rain lashed at my little off-base house, but no damage was done.

This graph from gives average climate information. The dark green line is rain/snow fall, and the black line is humidity. Notice the pale green line - that indicates "wet days." The red line is temperature. Click on the link for more detailed information about Japan's average weather.


  1. From the driving rain to the horizontal snow LOL. I actually miss all the rain we had in Europe.

  2. Very interesting chart! The climate picture I had in my mind for Japan was totally different. I was thinking mild most of the year. How wrong can you get!

  3. linking this to my neighbors mail. THey are Japan going soon

  4. I love this picture; it is very peaceful looking.


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