Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dental Delight

Dental Office Building
Lander, WY
January 21, 2011

Last week I went to this office to have my teeth cleaned. Can you imagine sitting in a dental chair on the other side of those long vertical windows and looking out at this river scene? The view is calming in any season: the river, the trees, the birds, and the gorgeous blue sky make dental appointments more delightful than dreadful.  


  1. Think I would be sure to make the appointment in the summer when it is all green but his is a pretty site as well.

  2. Lander is always so beautiful. I hated driving thru Riverton but getting to Lander is like a breath of fresh air :)

  3. Most dentist offices I've been to don't even have windows in the rooms, much less a view like that. It must be nice for the people that work there, too.

  4. Very picturesque :) Makes going to the dentist not so bad ;)


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