Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lonesome No More

Something about being in the city amid the pre-holiday bustle motivated me to drag my Christmas tree out of the garage. Yep, it is no longer the Lonesome Pine.

The tree used to stand proudly in the front room so it could be seen from the street; however, I placed it in the room closest to the garage so I would not have to handle it more than necessary. Actually, I spend more time in this room anyway so I will be able to enjoy it more. I love to sit in the darkened room with only the tree lights lit. It is very calming to look at the tree and remember past holidays and traditions.

A lot of my other holiday house decorations have come out of hibernation, too. I have slowly emptied the storage tubs and placed the cheery displays around the house. I am thankful for the burst of energy that allowed me to bring these old friends back into my home. They will remain on display until the middle of January when they will be returned to storage. Hopefully in the years to come, my Christmas tree will be lonesome no more.

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