Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beyond This Point

Old World maps have much in common with today's Map Quest and GPS mapping. If a development is new, these modern devices do not have a clue of the location of the address, so the warning, "Beyond this point, there be demons" is so very true.

My niece moved into a new home in a new development and the postal service did not know where the street was located. They refused to delivery to the neighborhood because the road/street was not on their maps. I am driving to her home tomorrow and even though I have been there several times, I have never actually driven there. I tried to get driving directions only to find that her address/street is not in the system. Once I am in the area, I am confident that I can find her home, so I toyed with Map Quest for a bit and now I have a general idea where I am going. If I see mermaids or dragons, I am going to lock the doors and hit the accelerator!

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