Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Foliage Police

When I returned from my volunteer shift at the hospital yesterday, I found a surprise on my front door - a neon-green tag declaring my trees are violating a city ordinance. It appears they need a haircut, as their branches are lower than the city mandated 8 feet.

I must have jinxed the trees earlier this week when I boasted to a friend how healthy they were this year. She was concerned about one of her trees, and I recommended the arborist that had pulled one of mine back from the brink of sure death.

I called Cedar Mountain Tree Care and asked to have a crew come by and trim the trees. I told the receptionist they were probably due for a thinning, too. I hate to do this because they were so pretty this year, but Caesar has wished it, and I must comply.

My only comfort is that by thinning the branches the tree will remain healthy.



  1. Wow, I just caught up on the past few posts...and have enjoyed every moment of it! I so agree with your "ponderings" about the economy in your last post and I am so thankful that we have no debts at this rather worrisome time! And, I agree, your trees look so beautiful...what ashame to have to trim them back!!!


  2. Your city is strict! I guess there is a good reason they must be 8 feet above the ground. Is that just for trees that overhang the city right-of-way?

  3. I don't guess our town has such a restriction, though we do try and keep our's trimmed so the grass will do well underneath. Hubby trimmed our's this past spring. All I could do was stand around helplessly watching him from the ground, praying the whole time that he wouldn't fall! I was SO relieved when he finished. I don't need that kind of stress! ;-Þ

    Your trees will look great next year. The year after a pruning, our's always look so much better! :-)


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