Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oddball Knitting

Neon Fun arrived in yesterday's mail, and I could not resist working on it. I grabbed the Caron Simply Soft (grape) yarn that I had purchased for this project and began. It is fun!

According to the small notepad that accompanies the blanket, it has been to knitters in three states (North Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming). The last knitter will add edging to the entire blanket and then it will be donated to a children's hospital in Missouri. The notepad with all of the knitter's comments will also be given to the parents.

I found the Oddball Knitting for Charity group on KnittingHelp and joined both the Oddball Baby Blankets and Oddball Shawl groups. The guidelines are easy, and it takes a minimal amount of yarn and effort to help.

To see some of the blankets in progress and those that are finished check out the Oddball Baby Blanket blog

Here is how Neon Fun looks finished.

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  1. This is the second oddball blanket I've seen recently. What a wonderful idea!


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