Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tying Loose Ends

Two packages sent today will touch both coasts: one will go to the Ships Project in Florida,

and the other is being sent to Rad Bad Beaniesin California.

Another package is going to Cooper Hospital in New Jersey.

I am working ahead for the All Crafts for Charity's September project - Guidepost sweaters. It was the first time that I used the pattern, and I made some adjustments to accommodate my aversion to seaming. I knit the entire sweater without seaming by starting at the bottom on circular needles. When I reached the arms, I switched to two circular needles. I cast on the required stitches to the body on one needle and knit about an inch. Then using the other needle, I attached another ball of yarn and picked up the required stitches from the cast-on edge of the sleeve on the other needle. I then knit the sleeves on the two separate needles until the required length was reached. I finished the sweater with a three needle bind-off from opposite ends. When I reached the point for the neck opening, I did a traditional two needle bind off. Ends were woven in and the sweater was finished without doing any seaming at all. I have started another sweater and hope to make several more before September.


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